Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Kindergartener in Freshmen Year

Day 9-
I swear this kid must actually be five years old.  So the same sainted child that I had to be best buddies with on Tuesday was acting up today.  He was touching everything, making faces, being loud, distracting others.  He needs to have something to do ALL.  THE. TIME.  I don't know if I have the creativity to keep him that occupied unless I have him start cleaning the classroom or something.  I was having a lovely conversation with one of the girls, and he came up and grabbed a boxcutter from next to me.  I grabbed it out his hand so quickly as I saw all the things that could happen with it flash before my eyes.  Yeah, bullet dodged.  I'm glad the kids can approach me and talk to me.  I like talking to them, and hearing about their lives.  Thinking about it now, it's probably a good way for them to practice English, and me to practice their languages.  I really do love these kids right now, even my little kindergartener.  He's got a good spirit to him, and he's obviously a funloving guy, but he needs to calm down in my class or I will lose it.  The rest of the activity went well.  We now have rockety-looking rockets!

There're the things on the shelf.  The morning class went well too.  One girl came in a blustering about what's going on in Fukushima (nuclear waste leak due to damage from the earthquake a couple years ago) and man she was passionate about it.  Ended up having a really good discussion.  Anyway, onwards to tomorrow and see if we can make better plans for the rocket construction so I won't lose my mind.
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