Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bottle Rockets, Part 1

Day 7-
Disaster is not the right word, and I really mean that.  I would say henpecked is more accurately.  Let me explain.
In Conceptual Physics, we began bottle rockets, which is so much potential for fun.  They're water and air pressure powered soda bottles, and they get some serious air, about 80 m in the air in one case.  So this class were wandering and chatting like chickens during feed.  They even were scrapping a bit, also like chickens.  I had the pleasure of using my stern voice.  It's hard to yell at kids when you don't know how much they understand.  One rather persistent boy forgot his assignment paper, was wandering or touching everything and playing around with our apparatus.  My DT was fed up with his poor behavior and made him sit over by himself for a moment until he gained his focus.  He was my buddy for the rest of the day.  I stuck to him like glue and made him do all the work, taught him some English words and he taught me some Spanish.  Once he was on lockdown, the other kids mellowed a bit, but still weren't quite listening.  The plan for tomorrow is to give them stricter guidelines before leaving the classroom.  We just went over the rules of the class yesterday!  But kids, like all humans, have the attention spans of...well, chickens.  Let's just say, I'll be having poultry tomorrow with few regrets.  
In other news, got some new yarn to make a scarf because it's important.  
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