Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Least Favorites

I get binder checks.  I mean I really do.  Helps kids stay organized, lets me communicate work they've gotten back, allows them to understand their grade in the class.  I didn't like them as a student, I don't love them now because it just eats Mondays.  Om. Nom. Nom.  

So the kids got their tests back today.  Most of them were not entirely pleased, understandably so.  One student asked me what the percentage meant in terms of her letter grade.  I had an odd flashback to when I was her age and needing to get  the grade I felt I deserved.  I saw that she became less confident, but that's not what I want.  This girl is driven and brilliant, and I wish she truly, truly knew that.  And some students I wish became more driven by their low grades, but they won't.  Some of their responses on their homework so how little they might understand or how little this information means to them.  Either way, I need to figure something out.
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