Thursday, September 12, 2013

Estimate, Measure, Evaluate, Repeat

Day 18-
Yes, my kids are still on measurements.  I agree with my DT, it's best if they have some confidence with these tools.  They'll be using them a lot.  Even if it can be slow going.  

Before we get too reflective and deep, funny anecdote.  In the AP class, the students had a ton of personality.  One girl got up in the middle of class and left.  Just gone.  Yeah, she got a referral.  Another showed up very late.  Turns out she got a paper cut on her eye and had to visit the doctor.  She comes back to tell me about that so she can make up the quiz, and I just kind of look at her.  I had no idea really how to respond to an eyeball paper cut besides "Oooh ouch."  The next thing out of her mouth was "So who was that guy who came to class?"  And I responded, "Oh that was a classmate of mine who's a teacher at a junior high.  He was here to observe."  She smiled and looked very excited, "He was so cute.  I thought he was so cute. But my friends didn't because he's white."  Man I love kids.

Anyway, we had more measurements today.  One boy in particular shone for me.  He wasn't quick, but he was brave.  He was so nervous about raising his hand, and I encouraged him as much as I could.  He got called on, got to measure something, made a good hypothesis and got a moment to himself.  He then helped others in the class to understand, and really blew me away today.  It showed me how important encouragement is for students to show what they know.  Made my day.  
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