Monday, September 16, 2013

One Long Day

Day 19-
I consider today a jumping off point.  I mostly observed APES, but Physics was partially my baby today.  I was the leader of the Concept for second, and it went fairly well.  I've been trying to be mindful of answering my questions, but sometimes I just want to help those kids out.  I feel like if I keep asking more and more questions, it's just going to make the students more stressed out and then they'll lose it and it'll be all my fault.  So, no pressure.  I must have done something right because my DT asked if I wanted to lead all of the 5th period.  Instead of thinking about my own cortisol levels, I said yes.  And I led a whole people as main teacher from beginning to end.  They listened most of the time, and I felt like we got through a good deal.  It was just exciting to get to do something on my own.  I just wish we could get into subject matter and move on from measurements soon, but the students are taking a while to gain comprehension of the material, so we have to keep working towards that goal.  It was just amazing to lead a class, and kind of reminded me that this is what I want to do, even if it's stressful, awkward and uncomfortable on occasion.
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