Friday, September 20, 2013

Misconceptions on Life

Day 23-

I never again, in my life, want to hear someone say they want to kill themselves.  I know I say in hyperbole that this is killing me, or I'm gutted, but to be so down you want to take your own life?  I have felt nothing close to that.  I've been in low-lows, but I will always have a drive to live because I'm living for more than just myself.  I suppose this is where my spirituality comes in.

Might as well get personal.

My brother was disabled my whole life, but that never made me think of him as less of person.  The opposite really.  Here's where it gets painful, though.  My parents wanted two kids, and I'm number three.  Because Buddy-Bear was disabled, my parents decided to go for one more as a companion to my sister.  I thank Buddy-Bear for my life, and I will never waste it.  It could have easily gone the other way, where I just couldn't live, but it didn't.  He's my inspiration.

Back to the point: We had a meeting about this boy has been relocated from a different country, already flunked out of a school, is redoing a year and is having an incredibly hard time. His dad said that he would rather die young than work hard.  And I can see that.  I just hope I can help him work on these feelings and move forward and not become bogged down.  It will take time, and students at this age can be ill-equipped to deal with things, but I hope to show them they can talk to me.

Onto how the rest of the day went.  I used the misconception power I learned yesterday to my benefit.  One boy didn't believe a Dixie cup can hold 85 mL of water (spoilers: it holds 89 mL).  The activity was to make an estimate and then find the real measurement.  The entire class thought it would hold only 20, and I decided not to correct them until we measured, which was the best thing I could have done.  They all called me a liar and told me to re-measure, so I had them do it.  The huge reaction showed me they were actually invested.  Awesome moment to a scary day.

Another thing:  Costco is more fun with friends :)
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